May 2021 Minutes Annual Parish Meeting


MINUTES OF ANNUAL PARISH MEETING held at the Village Hall Coleby on Tuesday 25th May 2021

1.   Present: Cllr Alan Vivian, Cllr Barry Earnshaw, Cllr Andrew Long, Cllr Graham Brown, Cllr Jamie Cartwright, Cllr David Knowles, County Councillor Ian Carrington, District Councillor Marianne Overton, Sue Makinson-Sanders (Clerk)

Apologies from District Councillor Lucille Hagues.

2.   Approval of Minutes of Meeting held 21st May 2019: Cllr Long proposed and Cllr Brown seconded approval of the Minutes of the 21st May 2019.

3.   Matters arising: none

4.   Any matters arising from the public: A resident raised the issue of the remedial works following the undergrounding of electrics in parts of the village. These have not been completed. The clerk confirmed that there is to be a meeting with Western Power on Thursday 27th May to discuss oustanding issues. The verges would be included in this discussion.

A resident enquired whether it would be possible to site the speed indicator device on Blind Lane. Work is being completed on a wall on Blind Lane and there is concern about the speed of drivers on that area of the lane. The clerk will contact the Lincolnshire Safety Partnership for approval of a site for the device on Blind Lane.

Cllr Earnshaw raised a number of traffic issues. Speeding cyclists, pot holes and the issue of turning space on Far Lane. Councillors approved review of the situation regarding no turning signs in Far Lane when all building works currently being carried out are concluded.

A resident suggested that part of the problem with vehicles in Far Lane related to delivery vans and raised the suggestion of a central drop of point in the village for parcels. Clerk to explore suggested drop off point.