There is a vacancy on the Coleby Parish Council; could you take on the role? Could you spend a few hours a month helping in the local community? If you're interested, please read on .....

Following the elections on the 4th May which were uncontested in Coleby, Councillors James Barry Earnshaw, Alan Vivian, Andrew Long, Theresa Brewer, Robert Hall and Georgia Sargent have been re-elected as members of Coleby Parish Council. Congratulations to them on retaining their membership of the council. Councillor Patrick Varley stood down at the election and the Parish Council thanks him for his efforts and time as a councillor.

Coleby Parish Council can have seven councillors and as such there is a vacancy. If you think you would like to do something to benefit your community please contact Sue, Parish Clerk, for further information.

9 September 2023

Following the uncontested  elections in May we are short of a councillor. Would you like to help your community? Please see the notice on the website and contact the clerk if you would consider becoming a parish councillor. This can be a very rewarding role.

For further details, please CLICK HERE.


Published: Thursday, 11th May 2023