January 2023 Agenda


The next meeting of the Parish Council will be at The Village Hall on Tuesday 10th January 2023 from 7.30pm. 

All Councillors are summoned to attend.

There will be a 15 minute public forum at the commencement of this meeting and the public are invited to attend and let the Parish Council know of any issues.


1. Declarations of Interest:

2. Present and Apologies:

3. Approval of Minutes:  Minutes of Meeting held on the 15th November  2022

4. Clerk’s Reports:

a) Agenda sent to all on email list and posted on website and noticeboard

b) Precept Setting

c) Councillor’s Email addresses

d) King Charles 111 Coronation/ Joint Committee

e) External and Internal Auditors

f) Signage for School

g) Grasscutting bdg mowing quote for 3yr contract 2023/2025

h) Projects

i) Wellhead Pump Casing

j) Village Events Calender

l) Clerk’s Salary

l) Autela Payroll Services Increase in fees

5. Planning:

a) Tree Works Application Ovington House Far Lane Coleby - pending

b) Appeal against refusal of Planning Permission Site off Dovecote Lane –Parish Council comments submitted and decision from Inspector-  pending

c) Planning Application Lodge Farm Heath Road Conversion of Barn to Cafe/Restaurant – approved.

d) Tree Works 9 Dovecote Lane Fell cherry and crown beech

6. Police Reports:

a) Police 

b) Neighbourhood Watch

7. County & District Councillor Reports:

8. Cemeteries:

a) Lowfields Cemetery: 

b) Far Lane Cemetery:  

9. Financial Matters:

a)  Payments to be made:

i.  Clerks Salary £  (Jan/Feb  2023)

ii. Litter Picking Dean West (Jan/Feb 2023) @ £30.00pm Total £60.00

iii. Anglian Water Lowfields Cemetery (Jan/Feb 2023 ) @ £4.00pm Total £8.00

iv. Coleby Village Hall Meeting Hire £20.00

v. GW & C I Brown 3 x Christmas Trees £145.00

vi.  Replacement Tree Lights Reimburse S Makinson-Sanders £29.98

vii. Autela Payroll Services  £43.59 + Vat £ 8.72 Total £52.31

viii. Historic Towns & Villages Forum Annual Renewal £15.00 

c) Payments received : Litter picking Grant £95.34

d) Payments due:  none

Balance held at Co-Operative Bank as at 31.12.22 to be confirmed

10. Reports from village organisations:

a) All Saints Church

b) Village Hall

c) Coleby School

11.Correspondence:  None

Date of Next Meeting Tuesday  7th March 2023 at 7.30pm 

Sue Makinson-Sanders
Tel: 01522 810509
email: colebyparishclerk@googlemail.com