January 2021 Agenda

Coleby Parish Council Meeting

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held remotely using Zoom on Tuesday, 5th January 2020 from 7.30pm. All Councillors are summoned to attend.

If you wish to attend the meeting remotely please copy the link below to access the meeting through Zoom. Please also contact the clerk (details below) to confirm that you will be attending or to request an invitation

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 848 9764 9221
Password: 811696

There will be a 15 minute public forum at the commencement of this meeting and the public are invited to attend and let the Parish Council know of any issues.



1. Declarations of Interest:

2. Present and Apologies:

3. Approval of Minutes:

i) Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 10th November 2020

4. Clerk’s reports:

a) Agenda sent to all on email list and posted on website and notice board as

b) Western Power - update on electrical undergrounding works

c) Viking Way Repairs/Maintenance update

d) Wellhead Pump Casing

e) Street Lighting

f) New Website

g) The Bell at Coleby - ACV

h) Report Village Christmas Decorations Competition

i) Electrical supply to village greens

j) Report Act of Remembrance 11.11.20

k) Precept 2021

l) Grasscutting Agreement with LCC re Amenity Grass

m) Vote of Thanks to Mrs Monique Butler for the new bench in Lowfields Cemetery

a) Planning Application single rear extension 2 Avenue Villas Coleby - pending

b) Tree Work Ivy House Farm High Street - approved

c) Tree Works application 2 Chestnut Paddock - approved

d) Application Change of Use The Bell at Coleby – pending

e) Tree works 14 Blind Lane - approved

6. Police Reports

a) Police Report

b) NHW Report

7. County & District Councillors’ reports:

a) Cllr Oxby

b) Cllr Overton - monthly newsletters received by Parish Council

c) Cllr Hagues

8. Cemeteries:

a) Lowfields Cemetery: Quote for hedge

b) Far Lane:

9.Financial matters:

a) Payments to be made:

i. Clerks Salary £ (Jan /Feb 2021)

ii. Anglian Water Lowfields Cemetery Jan/Feb 2021 8.00

iii. Dean West Litter picking Jan/Feb 2021 60.00

iii. Jargon Free – clerks training 50.00

iv. Clerks Expenses stationery 197.13

b) Payments received:

i. Donation towards Bench 435.00

c) Payments due: None

Balance at 31.12.20 Co-operative Bank £ tbc

10. Reports from village organisations:

a) All Saints’ Church

b) Village Hall

c) Coleby School

11. Correspondence: None

Dates of Next Meeting: Tuesday, 2nd March 2021 7.30pm

Zoom or Venue to be confirmed

Sue Makinson-Sanders Tel: 01522 810509
Email: colebyparishclerk@googlemail.com