May 2020 Minutes


Held at remotely via Zoom on Tuesday 5th May 2020 at 7.30pm




Cllr Karen Playford (Chairman) Cllr Graham Brown, Cllr Andrew Long, Cllr Barry Earnshaw, Cllr Alan Vivian, Cllr David Knowles, Cllr Jamie Cartwright, District Cllr Marianne Overton, Sue Makinson-Sanders (Clerk)

APOLOGIES: District Councillor Lucille Hagues, County Councillor Ron Oxby - reports received


A resident thanked the Parish Council for arranging for the meeting to take place remotely due to the coronavirus lockdown.

The state of the village following the works by Western Power was raised. See item 4f.


Cllr Playford requested approval of the Minutes. Proposed by Cllr Brown and seconded by Cllr Long. These were approved by all councillors present. Cllr Playford signed the Minutes as a true record.

17.32 Clerk’s Reports

a) Agenda sent to all on Parish Mailing List and placed on the notice board and website. All residents on invited to join the remote meeting via Zoom.

b) Postponement of AGM & APM/Delegation of Powers to Clerk. Councillors approved postponement of the AGM and APM under The Local Government and Police and Crime Panels (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority and Police and Crime Panel Meetings) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020 which provide for all local authority meetings to be held remotely including allowing remote access by members of the public and remove the requirement for the Annual General Meeting this year. Cllr Barry Earnshaw proposed and Cllr Alan Vivian seconded delegation of powers to the clerk on routine matters during the coronavirus lockdown, matters of policy to be referred to Councillors.Cllrs unanimously approved the proposal. The AGM to be held when possible or May 2021.

c) Audit. The Accounts and Audit (Coronavirus) (Amendment) Regulations 2020 extend the statutory deadlines for 2019/202 and provide for the staturoty notice for public rights to start on or before 1st September 2020 (previously July). Signatures are still required on the documentation. The Audit will be approved at the next Parish Council meeting in July.


d) GDPR Policies and Councillor Emails.Councillors approved the General Privacy Notice, the Privacy Notice for Staff, Councillors and Role Holders, the Simple Guide to Processing Personal Data and the Consent Form to be emailed to all on the mailing list. Thanks were expressed to David O’Connor for preparing the notices. Clerk to write to David O’Connor.


e) Bench Repairs Coronation Crescent Green. Bench collected. Insurers have now settled the claim. Cllr Cartwright will arrange installation of the bench on the Green.

ACTION: Cllr Cartwright

f) Western Power – electrical undergrounding works. Sale of substation land completed. Clerk to press Western Power for meeting re ongoing works and reinstatement verges etc.

Councillors approved a contribution of £500 plus half the vat in the sum of £50.00 to be made to Coleby Village Hall Committee towards the legal costs of the sale of the land to Western Power for the substation.

g) V E Day Events. Events postponed to 12th September 2020 and to be reviewed. All bookings and deposits paid transferred to this date.

h) Viking Way Repairs. Cllr Earnshaw reported that the application has been received by the Rural Payments Agency and will be considered in the next 6 weeks.

i) Wellhead Door/Noticeboard. Collected and in store. Fitting to be carried out when lockdown allows. Ian Thompson to be asked to fit.


j) Village Tidy Up: Saturday 16th May 2020. Clerk to advise postponed due to coronavirus but to suggest to villagers that if they may if they wish to tidy the area outside their properties, maintaining social distancing. Cllr Cartwright offered to spray the weeds in the Lowfields Cemetery.

ACTION: Cllr Cartwright

k) Nottingham Building Society Account. This is now closed and the funds £382.04 have been transferred to the current account. This includes £0.38 interest earned in the last year.

l) Bench Lowfields Cemetery. Donation from Monique Butler.

Quote requested from Pegasus Trust to match other benches – awaited.


m) Flytipping. Increase in fly tipping.

n) Dog Fouling. Email sent to residents due to increase in dog mess on public paths. Clerk to contact Boothby Graffoe and Harmston Parish Councils.

o) Gateway Dovecote Lane. NKDC confirmed that permission obtained from LCC Highways.

p) Wild Flower planting. Cllr Long confirmed that the Village Hall Committee approved sowing of seeds in playing field in area behind bus shelter. Cllr Playford advised Norman Pell will provide seed.

q) Community Help during Coronavirus. All households in the Parish received a card with list of those willing to help. NKDC also sending our newsletters with details of help. The Bell and The Tempest providing meals on delivery basis.


a) Dovecote Lane Development: Cllr Alan Vivian has fitted a cover. Thanks expressed to Cllr Vivian.

b) Planning Application Coleby Hall –Replacement of fence gate and hedge and new surfacing – approved

c) Listed Buildings Consent Application Coleby Hall - Replacement of fence gate and hedge and new surfacing – approved

d) Tree Works Application The Old Rectory Fell 2 x sycamore – approved

e) Tree Works Application The Old Rectory Reduction of trees –approved

f) Tree Works 5 Dovecote Lane - approved

g) Tree Works 2 Dovecote Lane – approved

h) Tree Works Application 12 Blind Lane - approved

i) Application –erection steel framed portal agricultural building for grain/machinery storage – Lodge Farm Heath Road Coleby – pending

j) Planning application single storey extension at rear of 2 Avenue Villas – pending

k) Planning application demolition of conservatory and erection 2 sided extension and double garage 19 Blind Lane - pending


a) Police Report: Sustem suspended during coronavirus .

b) NHW – main issue is scams related to cornavirus. Please be aware


District Councillor Lucille Hagues reported as per the attached report. Cllr Ron Oxby’s report attached. Cllr Marianne Overton reported on availability of funds during cornonavirus, help organised in the villages and the Graffoe Parish list for those requiring help. Cllr Overton advised of availability of Council Insurance Scheme to cover volunteers during coronavirus. This is free. Councillors approved obtaining this cover. Council staff have been redeployed to phone all on vulnerable list – over 10,000 calls have been made.



a) Lowfields:

i) ) Gates: Installed.

b) Far Lane:

i) Burial Request Miss Ann Pilsworth- Clerk researching with local residents – suspended pending lockdown removal.

c) Councillors approved interment of the ashes of Cecil Ernest Rudd into the grave of his parents in Far Lane Cemetery.



a) Payments to be made:

i. Coleby Village Hall - £20.00 (Meeting 3rd May 2020) –not required as meeting held remotely

ii. Clerks Salary £ (May/Jun 2020)

iii. Anglian Water Lowfields Cemetery May/Jun 2020 8.00

iv. Anglian Water Far Lane Cemetery Oct/Jan 10.52

v. Dean West Litter picking May/Jun 2020 60.00

vi. LALC Newsletters 6.00

vii. Contribution to CVHC Legal Fees for VHC re substation 550.00

viii. Reimburse Cllr Playford Doggie Bags 20.50

ix. LP Fabrications –Cemetery Gates 3403.00

x. HMRC PAYE 52.40

xi. S Makinson-Sanders Reimburse Zoom fees 71.94

b) Payments received:

i. Nottingham Building Society 384.02

ii. Lincolnshire CC Grasscutting contribution 411.36

iii. Annual Precept NKDC 9821.00

iv. Insurance claim for damaged bench 620.00

c) Payments due

i. VAT reclaim 2019/2020 1658.28

Payments proposed by Cllr Long and Cllr Earnshaw and all Councillors approved.

Balances: Cooperative Bank £15346.37 as at 05.05.20

Nottingham Building Society £0.00 –account closed.


a) Church: Grants being sought for Quinquennial works and progress being made on works. Summer Garden Party confirmed for 19th July 2020 but under review. Arrangements to be finalised nearer the date.

b) Village Hall: Closed until further notice. Autumn Ball confirmed for 26th September 2020 but to be kept under review.

c) School Report: Attached


a) Lives- donation sought

b) Citizens Advice donation sought

Cllr Long proposed and Cllr Brown seconded and all Councillors approved a donation of £100 to each charity. Cllr Playford sought a donation to Lincolnshire Air Ambulance and all Councillors approved a donation of £100 to this charity.


Meeting closed 8.40pm


PCM Tuesday 7th July 2020 at 7.30pm. Venue or remote to be confirmed.