January 2021 Minutes



Held via Zoom on Tuesday 5th January 2021 at 7.30pm


Cllr Andrew Long as shareholder of Coleby Pub Company (Investments) Ltd and as someone who is passionate about retaining the Bell Public House and ancillary restaurant and Cllr Alan Vivian as shareholder of Coleby Pub Company (Investments) Ltd PRESENT

Cllr Karen Playford(Chairman) Cllr Barry Earnshaw – Acted as Chair for this meeting due to Internet Comms difficulties, Cllr Alan Vivian, Cllr Andrew Long, Cllr Jamie Cartwright, Cllr David Knowles, Cllr Graham Brown, DCllr Marianne Overton, Sue Makinson-Sanders (Clerk)

APOLOGIES: DCllr Lucille Hagues and County Cllr Ron Oxby Cllrs accepted reasons and apologies for absence.

17.70 PUBLIC FORUM: A resident commented on the effort made by village residents to give beautiful light displays around the village over the Christmas period.

17.71 APPROVAL OF MINUTES: i) Approval of Minutes of Parish Council Meeting Tuesday 10th November 2020 – Cllr Brown proposed and Cllr Long seconded. Minutes approved by all councillors present.


a) Agenda sent to all on Parish Mailing List and placed on the notice board and website. All residents on invited to join the remote meeting via Zoom.

b) Western Power update – Councillors met with Western Power’s Kim Barker, Gary Holvey and Rick to walk around the village. Areas requiring attention noted and follow up email sent to Western Power for agreed remedial works and also to Lincolnshire County Council Highways Dept regarding unsatisfactory tarmacing by BT. Residents specific concerns raised and noted by WP. Clerk to chase WP for a timeline for completion of the works.


c)Viking Way Repairs/Maintenance – Cllr Cartwright apologised for the delay in dealing with the issue. Gerald Needham offered to remove a section of fence to allow the public to find their own way around the mud. Councillors thanked Mr Needham and approved the purchase of additional dog waste dispensers to be placed at each end of this section of the footpath and for new signs to be erected asking that dog waste be picked up and disposed of properly in the bins provided.


d) Wellhead Pump Casing- Clerk to obtain a quote from Pelican Trust. Concern raised re door hinges – Clerk to arrange for these to be upgraded.


e) Street Lighting – Lighting proposed by Parish Council not acceptable to LCC Highways for maintenance reasons. LCC  provided details of alternative suppliers. Cllr Vivian to investigate options.

ACTION: Cllr Vivian

f) New Website – Website now live.

g) The Bell at Coleby ACV- Position statement given: Application for Nomination of The Bell as a Community Asset lodged with NKDC. Papers have gone to the legal department. Awaiting NKDC on decision on application.

h) Report on Village Christmas Decorations Competition - The village has looked amazing with many villagers entering into the spirit of the competition. Hamper prizes were handed out at the Drive In Carols at the playing field as voted for by villagers. Cllrs thanked Kath Counsell and Lizzie Needham for organising the competition, Barry Devonald for the carols from the Village Hall, all volunteers who assisted parking and escorting children to see Santa, Santa and those who contributed to the excellent hampers. The competition raised approximately £400 for church funds. Mr Needham to remove Tempest Green Xmas tree and to compost. Cllrs expressed thanks to Mr Needham.

i) Electrical Supply to Village Greens – Clerk had made request to Western Power but they were unable to offer free installation. Clerk to follow up.


j) Report on Act of Remembrance 11.11.20 – Reverend Sara Davies officiated at a well attended Act of Remembrance (approximately 50 people attended and complied with covid regulations. The attendance in the current circumstances reflects the importance of this event.

k) Precept – Proposal to retain the precept at the same amount as last year £9821 – this means a slight increase of 0.69% as the tax base for the precept calculation has been reduced very slightly. Proposed by Cllr Cartwright and seconded by Cllr Playford. All councillors approved the precept and the budget plan for 2021/22 to include the street lighting. Clerk to submit request for precept to NKDC.


l) Grass Cutting Agreement with LCC re Amenity Grass – Cllrs approved renewal of the agreement whereby LCC pay a small grant to the Parish Council who take on responsibility for the cutting of the amenity grass in the parish.

m)Vote of Thanks to Mrs Monique Butler for the new bench in Lowfields Cemetery – Cllrs thanked Mrs Butler for the new bench which is now installed in the cemetery. Mrs Butler thanked the Parish Council for arranging instalment of the bench.


a) Planning Application single rear extension 2 Avenue Villas Coleby - pending

b) Tree Work Ivy House Farm High Street - approved

c) Tree Works application 2 Chestnut Paddock - approved

d) Application Change of Use The Bell at Coleby – Position statement. Mr Vidic has lodged an appeal against the failure of NKDC to determine the application within 8 weeks. The appeal has not yet been validated and so the documents are not in the public domain. Awaiting NKDC.

ACTION: All Cllrs

e) Tree works 14 Blind Lane - approved


a) Police Report –Police website states 2 recorded crimes for Coleby in November 1 criminal damage and arson and 1 public order offence, Nothing reported for December as at meeting date.

b) NHW Report – Very busy with scam warnings – the latest being NHS covid vaccination scam requesting proof of ID in form of bank account details, DVLA/Banks/Internet etc. Could people please let vulnerable members of their families know not to click on any links or give any bank details out when contacted by phone or email.


a) Cllr Oxby – Report attached. Clerk to email mailing list


b) Cllr Overton - monthly newsletters received by Parish Council. Cllr Overton reported on the impact of Brexit, the increased cases of covid and current lockdown regulations, the opening of schools to key workers’ and vulnerable children, the fact that Councillors are working from home, that churches are still open for worship and invited councillors to attend a zoom meeting on what steps will be taken to help during lockdown. Cllr Overton reminded councillors to keep notifying of any jobs for Highways and reported that there is a 3 year programme for resurfacing over and above pot hole repairing. The District Council is going through the budget process. Consideration is also being given to a mayoral system for Greater Lincolnshire which will create a new layer of bureaucracy. Cllrs expressed concerns about the drainage of water on Hillcrest, which during the current cold snap was causing an ice hazard on the road.

c) Cllr Hagues- Report attached. 17.76 CEMETERIES:

a) Lowfields Cemetery: Cllrs approved quote from Marcus Hopton to trim internal hedges.


B) Far Lane Cemetery: Nothing to report 17.77 FINANCIAL MATTERS:

a) a) Payments to be made:

i) Clerks Salary Jan/Feb 2021 £

ii) Anglian Water Lowfields Cemetery Jan/Feb 8.00

iii) Dean West Litter Picking Jan/Feb 60.00

Note: Cllrs agreed to review Dean’s role within the context of

a Village Caretaker type role and agree the tasks and a time allocation per week/month; & also review remuneration on a contract for employment basis [not contract of employment] so that self-employed status is retained bearing in mind that he has a portfolio of different jobs around the village for various people/local businesses.

iv) Jargon Free 50.00

v) Clerks Expenses stationary ink etc 197.13

vi) Cllr Playford reimburse batteries Xmas Lights 15.00

vii) Cllr Playford reimburse Dog waste bags 11.99

viii) Cllr Knowles Xmas Tree reimburse

b) Payments received:

i) Donation towards bench in Lowfields Cemetery 435.00

c)Payments due: None

Balance as at 31.12.20 in Co-operative Bank £10697.82


a) All Saints Church Midnight Mass held in All Saints Church Coleby with about 17 in the congregation all socially distanced. Strange but good to have a service . The church is open for private prayer Tues, Thurs and Saturdays. Still have a vacancy for the churchwarden role. Summer Garden party a possibility but under review.

b) Village Hall – Exercise classes were continuing under Tier 4 but will not now due to lockdown.

c) School – Report provided.

Meeting closed 21.10


Wednesday 10th March 2021 at 7.30pm. Venue or zoom to be confirmed.